Fresh Privacy Policy

The following document explains how Fresh Data uses the data collected via the application and the website located at All personal information communicated to Fresh Data will fall under the following confidentiality agreement as it conforms to the particularities of the “8 du Decembre 1992” law, which relates to the protection of private data and information of a personal character, including :
Collected personal information
Personal information that may include identity data will not be transferred, shared or viewed by third parties or used with direct marketing purposes. Users have access to their own personal data and may at any time verify its accuracy, change errors and delete this information by sending an email to Fresh Data will take all necessary measures to prevent any abuse or theft of user data by third parties.
Purpose of data collection:
Fresh Data collects data and uses it in the application to track app users over time, and for the creation of unique producer and market profiles where applicable. None of this personal user data is shared to third parties.
Fresh Data is not a platform to be used by a public of minor age. The platform will not collect, use or publish information of users under the age of 18.
Collection of additional data and non-personal information:
As the platform is used, non-personal information may be required for its proper function (location, age, browser data) in order to study and analyze usage patterns. This non-personal data will not be collected to identify individual users.
Information shared to third parties
User data
Fresh Data will share the following information:
Fresh Data can allow, interrupt or limit access to certain users, as well as delete any information that disturbs the proper function of our application, or that does not follow a certain law or laws internationally.
Fresh Data will share the following information:
The application will gather location data about users, as well as complementary information such as searches made from specific locations, to share in aggregate with our paying members (markets and producers). This information can be used for targeted location-based marketing. This data will not include the personal information of users.
Fresh Data does not gather or store any “cookies” and any cookies collected will only occur through download platforms such as the App Store and Google Play Store. Fresh Data will not share any user data or cookie information to third parties.
Modification of Privacy Policy
These terms may be modified and we encourage users to read the terms regularly. A communication may be sent to users registered emails in case of change in the General Terms and Privacy Policy.